Autom8mob makes your mobile fitter for a fast lifestyle and automation and scanning helps you engage with your surroundings


Automation is the holy grail of modern smartphones, enabling users to simplify their lives for travel, work, play, events, tourism, home life, entertainment, our busy social lives and to help get a good night’s sleep. We take the principles used in modern cars and how they ‘talk’ to your smartphone to a whole new level.

QR Codes

QR codes are free and have been in use for 25 years due to their simplicity and ease of scanning. They can link to websites, video and audio. One key advantage is that users can scan QR codes and text information then appears directly on their phone screen, ideal for where there is no mobile signal.

NFC Tags

We utilise the near field communication (NFC) scanning capability built into almost every modern smartphone. NFC tags can power links to websites, video and audio right through to complete sequence programming for heritage site and online payment systems for heritage and retailers.

Other mobile scan technologies

We spend our lives on our mobiles for work and play but getting them to do exactly what we want can take lots of time and effort. Autom8mob has mobile scanning solutions, mobile apps, mobile Augmented Reality and automation solutions that take all of the hassle out of making your mobile more efficient.

Mobile websites & scanning

Andrew created a QR code, NFC Tag and Augmented Reality website for the South Downs Way National Trail in 2012. Throughout the project he demonstrated thorough understanding of mobile scanning technology and its applications, with excellent communication throughout.

Stephen Sibbald – Interpretation Manager
South Downs National Park

QR NFC & AR interpretation signs

“We’ve worked with Andrew since his 2012 MSc project to review the best way to tap into the use of smartphones for visitors to National Parks and major heritage sites. I’d say that Autom8mob are definitely experts in QR Code, NFC Tags, AR & automated mobile scanning technology.”

Mark Woolmer – Director
Fitzpatrick Woolmer

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